Zoology Club

The Zoology Club was back in full swing this year with daily lunch hour animal care, a school presentation at R.F. Morrison, STEAMfest, and even a birthday party! We setup a couple of new bioactive tanks to simulate wild habitats, explored caring for some new species, and received some surrendered animals that the members helped nurse back to health. Some of the students are exploring animal photography and have captured some amazing shots. The club even got to be new parents to baby hamsters and gerbils! The club has some big plans next year, including rehoming some of our rehabilitated animals, acquiring some new animal ambassadors, doing more outreach presentations, and hosting our big Whatever Sale fundraiser in April.

R.F. Morrison School Presentation

Amazing Animal Photos Taken By Students

Baby Gerbils

Birthday Party

For STEAMfest images please see the dedicated BLOG post