Dance Highlights ’22

Semester One & Two Showcase Videos <Link Available Here June 29th>

Semester One – Filming Our Work

We continue to feel grateful for our beautiful Seven Oaks Performing Arts Center. Although semester one did not conclude with a live performance, students were able to spend a full day in the theatre filming their work. Through this experience students were able to learn the benefit of refining and revising work. Rather than a one time performance, students were able to narrow in on challenging aspects of their routines and draw immediate attention to revision. Same samples of their work can be viewed below.

Freaking Friday

West Kay Dance Co, our advanced performance dance team, collaborated with drama production students to film the Disney Musical Freaky Friday. The song “Watch your Back” learned for a gym class scene will surely never be forgotten. A variety of props were utilized throughout this routine and it was a fun challenge for dance students. We had some snapped resistance bands, basketballs ending up on high cupboards and exercise balls that would slip away just before a bum bounce. The week we spent at Seven Oaks Performing Arts Center filming this musical was a nice time for students to bond as a team and ease back into performing.

Center Stage Dance Challenge

The advanced performance team was able to get back into competitive mode this year. They performed live at Centre Stage Dance Challenge in April. They were excited to perform mask free and for an enthusiastic live audience! Their performance was given a diamond award and 1st place in their category!

Unity Charity

This year dance students held a bake sale to fundraise for Unity Charity. Unity is a national charity that uses Hip Hop art forms to promote resilience and well-being among underserved youth, creating healthier communities. It was founded in 2007 and Unity has spent over 15 years introducing youth to Hip Hop art forms. These art forms, including hip hop dance, have the potential to empower youth with the confidence and skills for success so they may achieve their full potential.  This year students took classes with Mandy and Flexum. The most challenging styles of hip hop were explored – freestyle and breaking. Freestyle dance takes confidence and creativity. It involves being vulnerable and really putting yourself out there as a dancer. Breaking requires a great deal of endurance and body awareness. Nearly all students were able to maintain a baby freeze position!

Arts in the Park

One June 3rd many Seven Oaks School Division students gathered around Maples Collegiate and the Multiplex to celebrate the arts. There were beautiful art displays, sounds of choirs and bands joyfully creating music and dance students lighting up the arena with energetic movement. Grade 9-12 dance students completed a full 20 minute set of dance routines which were both a combination of student work and teacher directed choreography.

June Showcase

On June 9th, 2022 West Kildonan Collegiate Dance held the first live showcase in 2.5 years. The energy backstage is best described as FUN! Although there were many nerves leading up to the day it was an atmosphere that was greatly missed by many. Families and friends gathered in the audience and dance students had the opportunity to share their learning.

Summer Scholarships

A big thank you to Seven Oaks School Division for providing summer scholarships for dance students. This year three students will be continuing their learning over the summer by taking classes at Drop in Dance Winnipeg. It is a dance studio that offers drop in lessons in a wide variety of styles.


Cerio Abrenica

M.J. Dela Cruz

Juliana Laroque

Dance students also have a FREE opportunity to take a two-week SENIOR YEARS DANCE INTENSIVE with Ms. Tara Smith (dance teacher at Garden City Collegiate). Students interested in this opportunity can sign up here: