West K Science

This year the science department celebrated a return to normalcy. That meant an emphasis on getting back to the fundamentals that make science an educational and rewarding experience for students. This involved group projects, presentations, and most importantly, giving our students the opportunity to experiment and get hands-on experience using the amazing equipment we have at our disposal. 

The easing of restrictions allowed us to do with our students what they were lacking the last several years. 

In biology class, students performed dissections, in-depth microscope experiments, DNA extractions, and organic compound separations. Students also tested water quality, sampled for invertebrates, documented biodiversity, and identified species.

Students learning about biodiversity at Oak Hammock Marsh

In chemistry class students performed a microscale double replacement lab that allowed students to conduct 45 reactions simultaneously. They also performed titration experiments, learned about molarity and limiting and excess reactions using iced tea and smores, measured endothermic and exothermic reactions, made electrochemical cells, and experimented with acid and base indicators.  

Students conducting a microscale double replacement lab

In physics class grade 11 students experimented with Newton’s laws through measuring variables related to accelerating objects. This involved parachutes, Hall’s carriages, and a lot of dropping tennis balls. They also learned about wave mechanics through the use of a variety of springs. Grade 12 students experimented with projectiles, inclined planes, crash carts, and drop tubes. They also conducted a variety of experiments that tracked the historical development of the modern motor.

As a department we are thrilled to be back in the classroom offering students these great opportunities, and we’re looking forward to continuing this trend next year. 

West Kildonan Collegiate, Department of Science.