Positive Mental Health

Stand Together and Grow (STAG)


This school year we saw the emergence of ‘getting back to normal’ after covid. The year started with mask wearing, everyone together, and a small period of online learning after Christmas. However, certain events were able to happen again, maybe not to the full extent, but better than they had been during covid years.
The Stand Together and Grow (STAG) positive mental health leadership group worked hard to bring joy, provide opportunities to be kind to others and planned an activity filled Positive Mental Health Day. During December the STAG group organized the Kandy Kane Kindness event that entailed providing every student with a candy cane with a positive message encouraging ‘Pay it Forward’ kindness challenges.

Positive Mental Health Day

On Friday, May 6th West Kildonan Collegiate participated in a school wide positive mental health day. Activities, events and teaching resources were provided to staff for every period of the day. The activities and teachings revolved around the pillars of mental health and included the themes of:

Be Well, Be Kind, Be Active, Be Generous, Be Connected, Be Mindful and Be Curious

The activities for the day included having students wear green (to represent mental health day), healthy snacks in every classroom, videos on well being, a school wide Kahoot game, kindness challenge,outdoor scavenger hunt, community cleanup, grade level gym games, cell phone challenge, meditative colouring, breathing activities, and self reflective practices. Students received prizes and freezies, and staff enjoyed some Booster Juice. There was an amazing buzz in the air, lots of joy, and the school felt like “old times” with kids engaged in hands-on activities that developed school culture and promoted positive mental health. Thank you to the members of the STAG Leadership group who worked very hard planning these events.

Assessment Week Motivation

During the January assessment week, snacks, and pencils with motivational messages were delivered to students.