Outdoor Leadership Class PEL31G

These students did it all! In this practical learning class, the students built quinzhees, cross country skied, snowshoed, tracked animals, learnt Indigenous Games, shoveled neighbourhood driveways, understood orienteering, practiced knot tying skills, made fire starters and  survival fires, carved and crafted their very one Indigenous-styled paddle, went mountain biking in Birds Hill Park, ran the KPAC High Jump Championships in Selkirk, took a canoe course through Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Club, and got to apply all their outdoor leadership skills in their 3 day / 2 night camping trip in Spruce Woods Provincial Park with Wilderland Adventures! Their final project was to actively journal throughout the course. Alternative projects (Foraging in the Wilderness and how to Appreciate, Avoid and Survive a North American Dangerous Animal) were given for those who were unable to attend certain activities. What an amazing class!

Mrs. Ginter,

Physical Education Teacher / Outdoor Enthusiast / First Aid and CPR Instructor