Visual Arts

Another year has come and gone and the West Kildonan art students did not disappoint.  Students continued to produce great work and we’re happy to share a little little.

 To begin with, we want to thank the students, parents,  community members, teachers and administrators for all of their help, support, and commitment throughout the past year, it did pose some challenges but with everyone working together, we continued with our program as usual and had a productive, creative and successful two semesters. 

This year visual arts students produced top quality work in the areas of pottery, painting, sculpture, drawing and design. Some of our highlights have been grade 12 portfolio work on the theme of past, present future, the grade 11 painting and sculpture units and great work by the nines and tens, developing pottery and painting work.  

Students not only developed their skills in these media but also explored themes and subjects in through their art. 

Below are a few images of artworks produced by students, and if you want to see more, or chat, please check us out on instagram