SOSD Anti-Racism Policy and Anti-Racism Student Engagement Survey

This year high school students across the school division participated in an important survey about racism in schools and questions about how to challenge racism in every day school life. The school division’s anti-racism leadership group conducted this survey in an effort to expose how students feel about their experience in high school and to ask students about their stance on challenging racist views when they hear or see racism. This involves a journey of opening one’s eyes and ears, learning through anti-racist education and in essence having the courage to become an anti-racist.

The school division also recently released a new anti-racism policy. A story about the policy went public in the Winnipeg Free Press and is included in this BLOG piece. At WK, we continue to encourage teaching and learning around the roots of racism in colonization(slavery, cultural genocide, white supremacy). We also continue to explore the exploration of a vision for reconciliation and actions that support developing a more equitable society  where all students have a chance to experience the good life. The slogan on our orange shirts reads “every child matters”, a tribute to survivors of residential schools and commemoration of those who lost their lives and never made it home. This has been a year of deepening learning about Canada’s past and stances we can all take change our ways of being and interacting with one another.