Salute to Our Grade 12 Volleyball Players

Grade 12 athletes have experienced the loss of their final opportunity to represent West Kildonan due to COVID restrictions. Our group of 12’s have spent many hours since Grade 9, bonding with teammates, conquering challenges on and off the court, and simply playing a sport they loved. Injuries, canteen duties, car pooling to games, those hilarious moments during down time at tournaments sprawled out in a hallway…all the moments you will remember.

Volleyball Manitoba wanted to provide an opportunity for Grade 12’s to have a commemorative hoody to help celebrate their contributions to the sport during high school. The names of all graduating players in the province were listed on the website.

I would like to thank all these players for the many memories we made over the last four years. I have enjoyed working with all of you, and whether it’s a return to the school to help coach future teams, or an invite to an alumni game, I hope to see you in the future! Thank you for your dedication to Wolverine Volleyball!