Visual Arts -Year in Review

The West Kildonan Collegiate visual arts program continued to provide fun, exciting and creative opportunities for students. Along with our regular in class programing, we visited The Kent Monkman Exhibit at Winnipeg Art Gallery, we attending a workshop run by Winnipeg artist Peatr Thomas At the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and, we were very fortunate to be one of only two schools in the city to attend the, 2019 National Trust Conference of Canada Heritage Planners at the Fairmont Winnipeg.

The National Trust conference gave students the opportunity to work closely with experts in the fields of art, design, architecture, engineering and history on proposals for the repurposing of two local heritage buildings located in downtown Winnipeg. The conference also included a tour of these cites, both the Millennium building on Main Street, (a former bank) and The Gregg Building on Albert street, (a former warehouse), where students gathered information, data, and images to be used in their proposals.

Once the day long tours were completed, we returned to the Fairmont to meet, plan, ask questions and get help from the experts mentoring our group.

Students were taught and developed understanding around concepts of sustainably, energy efficiency and preservation. Students became aware of the unique quality of these period buildings, their resilience, permanence, build quality and design. Students learned from skilled builders, artists and designers whose expertise is the repurposing and preservation of Canadian heritage buildings.

It was then time for students to compile their information and develop a proposal for one of the building we visited, with consultation, along the way, from the engineers, architects, planners and artists who worked closely with the students.

Overall the students did amazing work over the three days of the conference and offered there proposals to the members of the conference on the final day. Building owners, developers, architects and professionals from many areas were happy and excited to see what the young people had put together in their designs for the repurpose. We made some excellent contacts, learned a lot about the subjects covered an had a great learning opportunity to move forward with.

Grade 10 Winnipeg Art Gallery Trip.

Although we make regular trips to WAG, this year we saw first ever solo Kent Monkman exhibit featured in Winnipeg. Kent is an internationally renowned Winnipeg artist whose subjects explore the complicated relationship between the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Canada. The exhibit, called ‘Shame and Prejudice’, explores, visually, this relationship, it’s history, landscape and characters.

Students were thrilled about this trip and were not only captivated by Kent’s portrayals but at his skill as a painter. Students offered feedback, responded to prompts, took pictures and recorded what they saw through drawing. Students made connections and were given a unique point of view on one of Canada’s most relevant, historical and social issues.

Grade 9 Canadian Museum for Human Rights Trip

Another highlight of the school year was our trip to the CMHR for a tour and workshop with artist local Peatr Thomas. Peatr is a mural painter who uses his art to inspire positivity, unity and strength in the community. Peatr worked closely with students, sharing his methods, developing ideas, looking for solutions to problems so that they could create their own image/word/message of positivity and change, this is what they created.

Great cooperative work on this small banner by grade 9s at the CMHR.

Student Artwork

As usual, to see more student work, we can be found at but below is just a small sample of what students produced this passed year.

painting, oil on paper, Brylin Shuttleworth
Acrylic on paper, Taegan Ross
Acrylic on paper, Tayliee Leduc- Martin

As you can see from this small sample, there is some great work being produced at West Kildonan Collegiate, students are continuing their practice of drawing, painting, pottery, design and sculpting, and getting good result. We look forward to carrying on in the fall and are thankful to the community, parents, and students for all their hard work. Thanks for looking, check out more at the link above and have a great summer people.