Genius Hour Projects – Digital Media & Print Communications

Ms. Lister’s Digital Media and Print Communications classes worked hard on a Genius Hour Project during their remote learning. Students had the opportunity to discover, learn, create, and build something new that they are passionate about. The main purpose of this project was to give students time to be creative, innovative, and explore something they typically wouldn’t have time to do on a regular school day. The project was intended to be very open-ended, which goes against a lot of what “traditional” education believes in. The reason for this was to encourage students to have a say in their own choices and design. This was proven to be quite difficult but also rewarding for students because they had to create their own structure and timeline. Many students reported back saying this project has pushed them as a learner and has helped them understand patience when learning a new skill.

While students were learning their new skills, they completed weekly learning logs and check-ins, as well as compiled evidence of their learning through pictures, video recordings, and journal entries. Once they accomplished what they set out to do, they created a final product that showcased their final results. Some examples of products that students created included video montages, websites, digital portfolios, and infographic videos. Lastly, students created a video presentation, where they discussed their learning journey, successes, challenges, setbacks, and what they have learned about themselves as a learner.

Please check out the video below which showcases 12 different student projects!

Genius Hour Project – Student Work Samples