Visual & Performing Arts More than Ever

The arts are as vibrant as ever at West Kildonan Collegiate.  We celebrated the production of “James and the Giant Peach” in February. Both band and choir were invited to perform at the National Music Festival following exceptional performances at ChoralFest and Concert Band Festival. Grade 10 art classes studied visited Ken Monkman’s exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Dance celebrated workshops with various choreographers from across Winnipeg, and performed at various school and community events.

Never has it been more evident how much we create together daily. As we have been separated, we have still created and celebrated our art by finding new ways to connect and share. In times of strife and challenge, art continues to be a language used to bring us together, to learn about our differences and to discover our commonalities. The arts will continue to thrive in our school and community. We are using our ingenuity and dedication to create, value, understand and participate in our art forms, be it together or apart. This is our mission as arts teachers.

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