West Kildonan Collegiate’s Evening of Excellence

This year we called our Honour Roll Celebration AN EVENING OF EXCELLENCE. We included students who achieved an average of 80% or higher in their courses along with celebrating students who may not have achieved the 80% or higher average but were nominated by teachers for exemplary and exceptional work in one of their courses. Excellence takes many forms. Academic achievement reflects focus, hard work and a deepening of understanding of material and skills introduced by teachers. Students are also excellent by being caring, helpful, working hard during classes and researching/ finishing work at home as an extension of school. Being at the celebration not only implies students knowing more about subjects and becoming more skilled. It also entails students being  contributing members of their classroom communities. All grades were well represented at the celebration. Families were treated to performances by various groups and a film featuring students demonstrating excellent work in a variety of courses. The attached excellent video was produced by one of our graduates, Daniel Schmidt, providing families with a replay of a great evening together.

-Mr. Krahn

West Kildonan’s Night of Excellence