Grade 12 Psychology


Both Grade 12 Psychology classes recently visited the Selkirk Mental Health Centre on our all period days.  We learned that the Centre has a interesting history in Manitoba and at one point persons suffering from mental health issues were placed in asylums or in jails with prisoners at Lower Fort Garry.  The building above was gifted to Manitoba by Britain after the Second World War and bricks were transferred overseas and reassembled here to be the Dr. David Young Building.  We also learned about the various programs in acute care, dialectical behaviour, forensics, rehabilitation and geriatrics and toured the facility.  There is a focus on community based care and helping people to recover from challenges.  The multidisciplinary health care team was interesting as there are many different roles and jobs people do as they work together to support individuals. This experience helped us to see that mental health has really changed over the years and we all can make a difference to help others.