Mock Car Crash 2019 for Grade 10 Health

A group of Grade 10’s and P.E. Leadership had the opportunity to engage with the agencies involved when a brain injury occurs in a motor vehicle crash.  Following the enactment of a drunk driver injuring a paramedic working at a traffic scene, students went to stations provided by the R.C.M.P., M.P.I., Manitoba Brain Injury Association, and Emergency Medical and Fire Services.

It was a hands on experience, with students being able to climb into emergency vehicles, do a driving simulation, and see the equipment used to extract victims from vehicles.

Students were exposed to the very real consequences of a decision to drink, text or be distracted when driving, including a mock funeral and victim impact statements, as well as the decision to become an organ donor to Transplant Manitoba.

The trip coincided with the Grade 10 Health curriculum unit on Drugs and Alcohol.  It is our hope events such as this will help young drivers think about their potential bad decisions with regards to distracted driving, as well as introduce them to exciting career opportunities.