Here are just a few examples of the awesome experiences that students at West Kildonan Collegiate had the opportunity to be a part of in their science classes.

In Chemistry 30S, students applied their practical lab skills and made some soap in which they could take home!


When science and art combines….

Soap bar in the shape of a rose.

In Science 20F, students went on a field trip to Assiniboine Park Zoo to explore concepts of biodiversity and the importance and impact it has globally. Through their reflections of the day, students demonstrated an awareness of the significance of species conservation and actions they could partake in to help conserve the environment for the present and for generations to come.

Pictured below are a few students at the Stingray Beach exhibit.


Our Biology 40S students had an amazing experience at the Animal Inside Out exhibit at the Manitoba Museum. So much learning was happening as our students did a scavenger hunt to obtain interesting facts on all the displays of dissected animal organ systems.