West K’s 2nd Annual Pride Assembly and 1st Pride March

On May 24, WKC celebrated the opening of Pride Month through its 2nd Annual Pride Assembly and its 1st ever Pride March. The whole day’s theme was about gender and sexual diversity and how they connected to mental health. The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), in conjunction with Sustainable Living Academy Manitoba (SLAM) and Stand Together and Grow (STAG), led a range of activities that touched upon issues of gender, sexual orientation, and mental health.

During the morning assembly, speakers were invited to share their stories and experiences. Our first speaker was Alice RL, a proud two-spirit Ojibway illustrator, artist, and public speaker. They talked about art as a healing process and how it helped them in their journey towards self-love. Another guest that we invited was Feather Talia, a local queer performing artist affiliated with Sunshine House. They discussed at length the art of drag and how it gave them an outlet for expression, a platform for supporting the 2SLGBTQ+ community and people of colour, and the confidence to fully embrace who they were.

Our assembly also included a performance by West K student Jann Jose. He performed waacking and voguing, styles of dancing that have been historically associated with queer POC.

Fianlly, WKC rounded out the day with its 1st annual Pride March. The GSA, with the help of SLAM, led a positive and upbeat march despite the pouring rain. Students and staff walked in solidarity as they held signs that promoted acceptance, love, and positivity. The March proceeded down Main and circled back through the lush greens of Kildonan Park where daily park goers were able to witness and show their support.

The GSA is very grateful for all the support of the students, staff, admin, school division, and the community at large. Society may have progressed over the years, but our march for equality, freedom, and acceptance remains. It is our hope that society will continue marching alongside us.