Social Studies Curriculum

Throughout the year many exciting events and experiences that have taken place within all of the Social Studies Department. The courses included are; Geography, History, Law, Global Issues, Western Civilization, Current Topics in Indigenous Studies and American History. Within a few of the Geography classes, there was field trips taken to Fort Whyte Alive and the students learned how to test soil and water for important nutrients or lack of nutrients. Another lesson taught was about food from the land and how important it is for students to look after the earth.

Ms. Hart’s and Ms. Erickson’s classes teamed up and after learning about Politics and our Provincial Government we had a tour of the legislative building to learn about the history of the building and politics in Manitoba. Afterwards, we had a surprise visit to Leader of the NDP party Wab Kinew’s office and presented a quick lesson on what is the purpose of the “Official Opposition”. The Law class was able to have a visit to the Provincial Law offices and witness court in session. At the end of the year Ms. Moss’s and Mr Schrofel’s history classes partnered together and attended the musical at Rainbow stage all about the 1919 General Strike! It has been an exciting year and we look forward to teaching the students in the fall!

By: Kristin Erickson