Exercise Science

Exercise Science was a class that ran throughout the school year. Students were expected to earn a basic understanding of the Musculoskeletal System by studying the Orientation, Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. After attaining this knowledge, the students created a Tape Mannequin and biomechanically labelled the athletic movements. I was very impressed with the group that had their mannequin performing a scissor kick in soccer; with the ball in the air! These mannequins were proudly displayed during our WKC Open House Night and caught the attention of most.

During the WKC Annual Track and Field Day, the Exercise Science students set up an Athletic Therapy tent and provided a ‘Hydration Station’, basic first aid and a stretching and cool-down area. It was nice to see the students comfortable when applying their kinesthetic knowledge to the WKC athletes.

In closing the course, we completed the Taping Unit. Students were taught how to properly tape an Inversion/ Eversion ankle sprain, Hyperextension/ Flexion of the wrist, Hyperextension/ Flexion of the thumb, Wonder-Woman and how to make a Sling out of a triangular bandage.

I wish all of the Exercise Science students luck in their futures and hope they can remain involved in the Kinesthetic World!

Mrs. Ginter