Technology and Applied Arts Year in Review

It was another great year in the TAA wing of the school. Here’s a summary of some of the cool stuff that went down.


Students continued to design, build and test creative and ambitious projects in the engineering class. Congratulations to Talia Dexter-Nickel who had the winning design for the Bridge Project and Mousetrap Car, demolishing the school records! Congratulations to Eisene Gonzales, Elijah Baylon and CJ Espiritu for having the winning design in the trebuchet project. Their design threw a tennis ball a distance of 95 feet! Throughout the second semester students made use of the newly acquired 3D printers creating unique and custom parts for their projects.



In the robotics classroom students also made use of the 3D printer, creating unique designs. Sean Koeing and Liam Johansson created a unique 3D printed RC vehicle. This year students learned about sensors and robotics through the use of the Arduino smart car kits. 20190625_11041620190314_09322520190314_12152820190318_084742



In the electronics room students worked on several new and unique projects. The school play resulted in the Lightsaber Project. Grade 11 and 12 students worked on the challenging Arduino controlled Work Clock project and the Grade 12’s created the “Spirit Machine” – a Raspberry Pi game arcade!




Graphic Design students designed the WKC Yearbook, Screen-printed their original T-shirt designs, and created posters for the school play, “Romeo & Juliet”. Drafting students tried something new this year by designing and 3D printing “Spaceships” based on the observation of every-day found objects.



In woodworking, students are creating projects from table and benches to custom signs. A number of projects this year utilized the chainsaw mill to create live edge projects. Others adapted our laser engraver and incorporated unique logos and designs to customize student’s projects.


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