Technothon 2019

This year West Kildonan Collegiate hosted the first annual, Technothon, a divisional workshop for grade 9 learners across Seven Oaks School Division to explore skills related to technology and the changing world of work.  There were approximately 70 students across the division who participated in this in this exciting event, including approximately 25 from West Kildonan Collegiate.

The morning included two workshops where Grade 9 Learners chose from a variety of technology workshops including drones, networking security, robotics, coding, and app development. In the afternoon, learners were put into groups and had the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in a technology design challenge. 

Seven Oaks school division would like to thank  M3Aerial, Ace Project Space, North Forge, and Cogmation Robotics for partnering with us to create a truly unique and engaging learning experience for many of our learners.

By Suzy Martins


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