All Girl Robot Fight Club – West K Champion!

“It was a cool experience” says Grade 10 student Talia Dexter-Nickel about her experience at the All Girl Robot Fight Club – an immersive program in robotics for high school students. The club took place at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Engineering on Saturdays over a period of 7 weeks.

In the club, Talia and other students from around the city were challenged with design and coding challenges using Lego Mindstorm kits. Talia described it as a “great example of what coding can do and how code can be applied for a specific purpose in robotics”

Talia took the skills she learned in the club and competed at the Manitoba Robotics Games, winning first place in the “Lego Challenge”. Congratulations Talia!




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  1. I am a casting producer for LEGO Masters on FOX. I am writing you in hopes that you can point me in the correct direction. I am looking for some great MOC Builders of LEGO and was hoping I could reach your ALUMNUS..(?)

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