Wolverine Curling Teams Rally in Impressive Playoff Run

Volunteer Coach Bryan Buchalter really stepped up by leading both our Wolverine curling teams deep into the K.P.A.C. playoffs.


The girls, led by skip Grade 9 Rylie Buchalter, finished the season with a 6-2 record.  They  defeated Selkirk 7-6 in an exciting Quarter Final, but then exited with a 7-4 Semi Final loss to to GC.  Looking for great things in the future from these girls!


The boys finished K.P.A.C. with a 0-5 record, but soon turned the tables in a Cinderella story playoff run!  They upset the #3 ranked Springfield Sabres 6-4, then advanced to the Quarters where boys sent Mennonite Brethren packing with a 6-5 win.  It didn’t end there.  They broke the hearts of the Selkirk Royals 13-6 in the Semi Finals, and entered the finals for the first time in MANY years!  It was a barn burner with our boys unfortunately being defeated 8-7 on an almost impossible last shot to Miles Mac.

Well done Wolverines!

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