Cultural Credit


Cultural Credit Group

Written by: DeeJay Campbell, Gr. 10 student.

At West Kildonan Collegiate we have a club called Cultural Credit. As a group we meet every Thursday at lunch hour and we smudge with sage and we speak about the indigenous culture. Each month the cultural credit students have an opportunity to attend a field trip to learn new things about the aboriginal culture.

We have gone on many interesting trips that have been both educational and lots of fun. One we went to was a sweat lodge where we had the chance to learn about  ceremonial grounds at our elder Dan’s house. We have also attended Red River College, been on trail walks to  learn about traditional medicines, and we played a big part in organizing and running the Winter Solstice dinner held in December. In the New Year we plan to do drum making and an ice fishing excursion.

Cultural Credit has been a great opportunity for students who have never experienced these kind of things, to learn more about the culture.

At WK we allow anyone who is interested to learn about our culture to join the club. Feel free to stop by on Thursday’s in Mrs. Erickson’s classroom! New members are always welcome!



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