WKC Zoology Club: Presentations

West Kildonan Collegiate is proud to have a Zoology Club where students learn how to interact with, care for, and educate others about reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. The Zoology Club has adopted many animals that the students have learned how to rehabilitate and provide adequate care for. One of the Club’s goals is to educate elementary and middle school students about these animals through interactive presentations, which we have been doing throughout the month of December.

December 13th – West St. Paul School with Ms. Grimes’ Grade 7 Class

This presentation was focused on the animals’ ecosystems, as well as their evolutionary adaptations, connecting to the Grade 7 Science curriculum.


December 14th – Margaret Park School with the Science Club & Ms. Penner’s Class

The Science Club alongside the grade 5s were introduced to the animals, how to care for them, and which ones make great beginner pets.


December 18th – All of the Classes at Governor Semple School

The Zoology Club introduced the students to our array of animals, their adaptations, and how to properly interact with, as well as take care of them. The school wide involvement made for an engaging set of presentations.

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