WK t-shirts for everybody! COLOUR DAY!

This year West Kildonan Collegiate tried something fun and new to help build school community. This was done by gifting every student and staff member in the school a WK t-shirt in a different colour that represents their grade! By doing this we are aiming to create more school spirit and add to the school culture, especially during spirit week.
In the gym on December 13th during lunch hour leadership students handed out coloured grade wars t-shirts just in time for our 12 Days of Christmas colour day competition.


Grade 9            Grade 10                 Grade 11               Grade 12               Staff
Blue                    Green                       Yellow                     Red                    Grey
In the past, during spirit week events, the colours assigned to grades were randomly chosen, and differed from year to year, or even with a school year. Now, the plan is a student receives a colour and this is the colour they will keep until grade 12. At that time, the grade 12 colour will roll over and become the incoming grade 9 colour. We wanted each grade to get only one colour that they stick to until they graduate, giving them the chance to really focus on their colour. This makes it easy to find new items for future spirit weeks when you know the colour you will have ahead of time.

Students were happy and grateful to receive their shirts. It made students vibrant and colourful on colour day showing everyone’s spirit! A huge thank you to KB2 Clothing for the generous donation!



  • If any student missed getting their t-shirt they can see Ms. Grouette in the gym to receive one.

Alyssa Schlamp and Trinity Erickson

Grade 10 Civic Leadership Students

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