Grade 9 Business Innovation Students Learning Ethical Decision Making

Grade 9 Business Innovations class recently took part in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) LIFT Business Ethics Program. This multi-week program teaches youth the importance of integrity and ethics and how both of those concepts affect them right now and in their futures. The workshop and project based learning curriculum offers an introduction to business ethics as well as personal character lessons. These lessons conclude with each student presenting their project and signing the LIFT Commitment to Conduct to commit to:

  • Working towards understanding others and being respectful of others and their opinions, even if opposite of their own.
  • Thinking through situations and possible ethical dilemmas before acting by using the steps laid out in the LIFT program.
  • Being transparent and telling the truth in school and work environments.
  • Honoring their promises.
  • Being proactive regarding challenging situations and issues – i.e. being an “upstander” not a “bystander.”
  • Embodying integrity in school, work and personal environments.

Upon completion of the program, students received a BBB LIFT Certificate to show that they understand ethical standards and have signed the LIFT Commitment to Conduct. Many Manitoba employers acknowledge and value this certificate so students can include it in their resumé when they begin applying for jobs or internships in the near future.

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