Phy. Ed. All Period Days This Fall

September’s Period A classes enjoyed a fantastic day at Bird’s Hill Park, hiking 12 km and enjoying lunch along the way.


Period C classes had some adapted sport experiences in October The Manitoba Wheelchair Basketball Association provided wheelchairs for us. .

A few rules they had to implement:
* Feet and butt have to stay in the chairs
* You are allowed 2 touches of the wheel then you have to dribble the ball
* You are not allowed to bump or hold onto other player’s chairs.


Another experience classes enjoyed was Goal Ball. This game was invented in 1946 to help rehabilitate veterans who lost their sight in WWII. Teams of three try to throw a ball embedded with bells past the other team’s end line. Players stay on their hands and knees to defend their net and score against opponents. The students needed to rely on their other senses to be successful.




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