Grade 9 Orientation Day

Grade 9 Orientation Day
September 5th was Grade 9 Orientation Day. This is a day dedicated to helping the new grade 9 students get a feel for our school, ease their fears about starting high school and build community with their TAG teachers. This event happens one day before regular school ensuring that the grade 9’s have the school to themselves; to calm their nerves before all the big scary grades come.
The day started off with a small assembly in the gym to meet the TAG teachers, principals and student volunteers. As well, students had a quick demonstration of the fun gym riot events they could sign up for the afternoon events. Grade 9’s then had a chance to go to TAG rooms, get their lockers, run through a mock timetable and meet their various teachers. Student volunteers from all grades were around all day; to support grade 9’s, offer advice, and became another familiar face in the school.
One highlight of the morning was the scavenger hunt event; this activity helped students get to know their way around the school by completing simple tasks like counting all eleven water fountains, discovering locations of science labs or finding the circle garden. What made it fun was the challenge of racing friends to complete the hunt. Afterwards, we took a break and relaxed with a free bar-b-que lunch!
For our second year in a row we have had our gym riot in the afternoon; splitting into teams we play interactive teamwork mini games to enjoy ourselves, meet new people, and just have fun. One of the games played was “Musical Chairs” which almost everyone knows how to play; instead in this case it turned into running around the chair’s instead of walking or dancing, and an arm length apart from each chair; we almost caught some cheaters, they really wanted that win!
We also played my personal favorite, “Mystery Grab Bag.” In this event, one closes their eyes and reaches into a dark bag and picks out a random food item, with another garbage bag beside you (just in case). Some items examples included a pickle, 2 marshmallows, or even 5 saltine crackers which in pink’s teams case they ended up getting -25 points for having more on the floor then in their mouths; but in his defence it was everyone’s fault for making him laugh!
As a student volunteer and observer to the day, I have to say, I saw almost everyone leaving with a smile, and I am sure they have some great memories and stories. Hopefully after having grade 9 Orientation Day, the grade 9’s were more eager and relaxed to begin their first day of high school with the entire student body.
Karley McDonald- Grade 10 student

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