Counselling and Student Services

Student Programming Focused on Education, Health & Prevention

What do School Counsellors do?

School Counsellors at West Kildonan Collegiate work with students across all grades in a team-based model that optimizes our ability to respond to students’ needs. Listed below are some of the things we do:

  • Promote positive mental health practices and perspectives
  • Help students develop strategies to cope with stresses (a critical life skill)
  • Help with academic and future planning – post-secondary education, career thinking
  • Organize and deliver educational programming at each grade level that supports emotional and social well-being
  • Help students and their families with referrals to outside supports when specialized, intensive counselling is appropriate (depression, anxiety)
  • Support new and graduating students with their transition into and out of high school
  • Collaborate with other professionals to support/advocate for students (teachers, psychologists, learning support, community resource officers, social workers)

The year at a Glance

  • Grade 9 students participated in the annual national program: Take Our Kids to Work Day
  • University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba and Red River College provided introduction sessions for interested grade 12 students in October
  • In May, University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba returned to provide workshops to grade 12 students who applied to help with next steps such as course registration and creating a schedule
  • Parent Post-Secondary Information Evening was offered to parents of all Seven Oaks high schools at Garden City Collegiate
  • AFM counsellor Nick Davis-Peters spoke with all grade 9 classes to share resources and information
  • The School Resource Officer, Constable Cole, provided educational sessions to grade 9 classes. Topics:  drug awareness and keeping safe in the world of social media
  • School counsellors held workshops with all grade 11 students in their history classes to support academic planning for grade 12 and post-secondary education
  • Arranged for grade 11 students to experience open house events at post-secondary institutions and the Career Symposium
  • Facilitated student information sessions for Cooperative Vocational Education and Beyond Grade 12 Now programs
  • Created a Student Mental Health Research and Advocacy Team which identified the needs and suggestions of the student body in relation to health and wellness
  • Held a grade 10/11 Mothers Against Drunk Driving presentation to educate students on the implications of dangerous driving
  • Coordinated cross-curricular mental health and wellness review
  • Coordinated Red Cross Healthy Youth Relationships training for students and staff.








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