Computer Science

Students at West Kildonan collegiate have the opportunity to take computer science in grades 10-12. This year students did amazing work. Computer science at West Kildonan Collegiate is all about making games and playing games. Students made tower defense games where they were using tanks to defend against large ladybugs and beetles.



The grade 11s using a program called Visual Basic  were able to make the classic arcade game Tron :


One of the best parts for the students about making Tron, was the opportunity to mix their own audio. For this, students headed to the website Incredibox . Here they played with beats, effects and melodies to create their own music.



The grade 10s completed an amazing race style activity in which they traveled around the school solving puzzles in an attempt to unlock a box with hidden treasures.


The students also made the game Hangman in a program called Scratch. Have a look below.



Each class in computer science  starts with a game of chess. Some of the students discovered an interesting spin off of the traditional game.  They found a four player game of chess. Students were very engaged and eager to start class each day so they could play their four player game of chess.



It was another great year of learning in computer science. The projects students made this year were absolutely fantastic!

-Corbin Boughen

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