Manitoba Skills Robotics Competition

On Thursday April 12th, West Kildonan Robotics team “Team Manny” competed in the Manitoba Skills Robotics Competition at Red River College. “Manny” the robot was designed and built by Grade 12 students Kenny Nguyen and Manmeet Maan. The robot was designed for the skills robotics “Pipeline” competition in which robots must strategically lay wooden pallets and pipes to allow the flow of “oil” (ball bearings) into a containment area. Kenny and Manmeet worked tirelessly on the robot since October incorporating 3D modelling and printing, custom laser cut pieces and ingenious design features to create a robot that was capable of completing all aspects of the skills challenge. The design made use of a robotic claw to grab wooden pallets and pipe sections, an automated hopper system which would drop the pipes with accuracy, and a platform design which was capable of precision movement in 2 dimensions for aligning the pipes with the pallets.

As with any engineering project of this scope and complexity, Kenny and Manmeet encountered many design setbacks and roadblocks along the way. However, they never gave up, always employing their design skills, creativity and inventive talents to come up with effective solutions.

On the day of the competition they unfortunately encountered some setbacks but true to their character they never gave up and improved with each robotics match they took place in. Their pit crew of Elias Loepp and Carmen Pearson helped on the day of the competition.

Great work Kenny and Manmeet!

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