Humboldt Fundraiser – $1123.30. raised for the Broncos GoFundMe Campaign

The bus crash in Humboldt on April 6th was a tragedy that impacted all of us. Thinking about the families of the victims and the long road ahead for the survivors was heart wrenching. On the Monday following, West Kildonan Collegiate took a moment of silence, raised our flag half mast and encouraged students to wear green. However, the students felt like they wanted to do more!

After brainstorming ideas, the students in the  Gr. 10 Civic Leadership  and Gr. 11 Physed Leadership group teamed together to plan a fundraising event that coincided with the #jerseysforhumboldt (organized by hockey moms in BC) on Thursday April 12th.
Students spent three days making posters and announcements, visiting classrooms, assisting in the production of the green ribbons, baking cupcakes, and making handmade bracelets in the Broncos colours to be sold at the noon hour event. In addition, a signed hockey stick owned by  Blake Wheeler was donated and tickets for the draw were one loonie per ticket.

Three days later, on April 12th, the entire school wore green ribbons and donned either a sport jersey, or wore clothing in yellow or green colour(s).  Students were invited down to the commons in which a  brief presentation was held  to pay tribute to the families affected, as well as speak about the importance of the
This fundraiser  was

a small way for WK to show support to the families of the Humboldt Broncos.

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