Europe Trip 2018

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Day 9- Barcelona, Spain

We spent a fantastic final day of our Europe trip in Barcelona!! After exploring the Main Street of La Ramblas we headed down to the beach for lunch by the ocean.

In the afternoon we experienced the famous Gaudi architecture at the Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

We capped off the last night of our trip with a Flamenco show; a few of our Wolverines even tried it out themselves!

Day 8- Pont du Gard in France & arriving in Barcelona

This morning we went grocery shopping for our picnic lunch! Groups of students were each responsible for a different food group and had fun shopping in a local grocery store.

After that we were treated to a visit to the Haribo Candy Factory (original home of the gummy bear) to see how candy is made!

We carried on and enjoyed our picnic lunch in front of the famous Pont du Gard aqueduct.

After a long bus ride into Spain we said goodbye to our bus drivers who have been with us since Rome. One more full day- Barcelona tomorrow!

Day 7- Arles & Avignon

We spent a gorgeous day touring through the Provence region of France. We spent the morning in Arles completing a scavenger hunt about Vincent Van Gogh in this town he called home.

In the afternoon we moved on to Avignon where we participated in an interactive tour of the Papal Palace with iPads that helped us envision what it would have looked like in the 1300’s.

Day 6- Pisa & Nice

We began our day in beautiful Pisa with a walk through the cathedral, a beautiful singing demonstration in the baptistery, and of course pictures with the leaning tower!

Then we continued on our long bus ride from Italy into France, with a stop at a Perfumerie on the coast just past Monaco.

We finished our night off in the town of Nice on the Mediterranean coast celebrating Ms. Bicklmeier’s birthday!

Day 5- Florence & Siena

We spent another beautiful day exploring Italy- this time in the Tuscany region.

We started off the day in Florence outside the infamous Piazza del Duomo and went on a walking tour to learn about this beautiful city.

We spent the afternoon in the town of Siena, seeing the cathedral and the Piazza del Campo, the grounds of the annual horse races.

It was another fantastic day in beautiful Italia!!

Day 4- Assisi & Montecatini

We left Rome early this morning and spent our Sunday exploring the narrow cobblestone streets of Assisi- home of Saint Francis. The streets were busy as people went to Psalm Sunday mass at the Basilica.

We then watched an awesome pasta-making demonstration by an old Nonna at her restaurant and then had a delicious home-cooked meal of spaghetti bolognese!

After making our way to our hotel in Montecatini and having dinner we went for a stroll through the main square.

Day 3- Pompeii and Montecasino

This morning we headed out bright and early for the ancient city of Pompeii. We took a tour of the preserved city with Mount Vesuvius looming over us above. It was easy to imagine the daily life of the Romans living in Pompeii the day the volcano erupted because everything is still so well preserved and in tact.

After lunch in Pompeii we took a windy bus ride up a mountain to a town called Montecasino and the Abby of Saint Benedict! After learning about his life and the use of the Abby during World War II we made a quick stop at a Commonwealth Cemetery for soldiers who fought and died in this area during WWII- including Canadians soldiers.

We headed back to Rome for a pasta dinner next to the Pantheon (and a bit of gelato too!)

Day 2- Rome and the Vatican City

Today was a jam packed first full day for our Wolverines! e started the morning off with a tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Students loved seeing inside the ancient ruins and enjoyed imagining the gladiator fights that would have occurred here. After a quick lunch (and gelato) outside the Colosseum we made our way to Vatican City. We learned about the art work and history in the Vatican museums and were in awe of Michelangelo’s art in the Sistine Chapel. We finished our afternoon in St.Peter’s Basilica and St.Peter’s square where they were already setting up for the Psalm Sunday mass in a couple days and Easter celebrations next weekend.

Day 1- Rome

After a long journey through Toronto we finally made it to Rome!! We spent the first day taking in the sights and having lunch at the Piazza Navona, making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, and watching the sunset on the Spanish Steps. After having dinner back at the hotel everyone had a good first nights sleep! What a great start to the trip!!

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