Winter Survival and Gifts of the North at Fort Whyte Alive

To start our amazing day at Fort Whyte Alive, we took a quite nature hike through the forest.  On that hike we came across some beautiful animals such as different kinds of birds and a lot of deer.  While on our hike we stopped to build a surprisingly comfy shelter.  The shelter we built was called a burrito shelter.   It’s made by folding a tarp into three then tying both ends to a tree and cocooning into it.  After making a shelter we learned different ways to build a fire.  My group lit a wax piece on fire then added paper to enlarge it, and finally made a tipi with wood about it.

After lunch we got to see and feel some really unique Inuit Artifacts.  The history behind the artifacts interested me the most.  For example, the amauti, is a parka that women would wear to carry their children.  Next we went show-shoeing which was a lot more difficult then it looks.  We also learned to run in snowshoes which was a lot of fun.  Lastly we played some unique Inuit games.  One game was called Nalukataq where you would work as a team and pull on a circle blanket to throw the person on the blanket high into the air, and gently catch them when they fall down.  Overall, it was a lovely day with lots of fun learning activities.

By Shane N


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