Honour Roll

We Are the Champions, a legendary song, it may have been a little corny but we did feel like champions walking into the commons with this song playing. The night of honour roll is an evening to celebrate all of our hard work. Those sleepless nights and hours of     studying were worth it to achieve that 80% average. An evening to dress up and get a little nervous about taking that walk across the stage, to shake hands and smile for a picture. Our friends and family attended and saw all of our achievements, from choir and art to electronics and math all was on display. This is my third year attending honor roll, I thought I was finally starting to get the hang of it. Expect this year was a little different for me. On top of it being the last honour roll I would attend it was also the year I got an award. The United Way Humanitarian Award, I had seen it given out years before and heard the amazing things people had done and hoped I could one day receive the award. Now I was and what an honour, I was so happy to walk up the stage and accept the plaque. Knowing that all my hard work and volunteering my time had paid off. It was a true honour that only the night of honour roll could encompass. To start my last year on such a good note was a blessing and the evening will never be forgotten. I would like to thank everyone who helped me and who helped set up and plan honour role.  Written By: Kaylyn McDonald



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