Terry Fox Run

West Kildonan Collegiate’s annual Terry Fox Run/Walk for Cancer Research was held on Thursday, September 28, 2017. This was the 4th consecutive year that the entire school took to the river trail and pathway around Kildonan Park for the 5km route! This is one of the first school wide events to take place, and in a sense kicks off the school year taking place rain or shine…because Terry did it, we can too. Part of the preparation and process involves declaring someone that you are running/walking for on the day of the event because everyone is affected by Cancer in some form. By making this declaration, we as a collective group are raising awareness and importance to continue Terry’s quest to find a cure for Cancer. It is becoming part of the culture and tradition that makes West Kildonan Collegiate unique in Seven Oaks School Division.

Fundraising events were held during the week leading up to the run/wall that consisted of a Bake Sale, Silent Auction, Grade Level Donation Water Jugs, Terry Fox T-Shirt Order, Pizza Lunch Sale, Post Run/Walk Freezie Sale and Student Parking Stall Raffle! Kind donations were received from students, staff and from local businesses for fundraising that included: Chicken Chef, Pita Pit, Perfect Pairs, Bentley, Enigma Escapes, and personal donation from the Urcuioli Family. The grand total for  fundraising and donations reached just over $1200.00!!

A great big ‘THANK YOU’ to all those that ‘Declared, Donated and Participated’ in this year’s Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research.

Unfortunately, we continue to lose family, friends, neighbours and loved ones to this horrible disease. With the recent passing of Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip, who lost his fight to brain cancer, we also lost a truly magnificent Canadian Icon. We as Canadians must continue the quest of Terry Fox to stop the hurting, raise awareness, fundraise and donate to find a cure for Cancer. We are all affected. Let’s not forget what he started.


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