Welcome to Room 104 and 106

This year, our teachers Ms. Wilson and Ms. Henry have been doing something they call “Creative Challenge” every Friday with both our classes.  Right after lunch we all meet in Mrs. Wilson’s room where receive a little bit of information about that week’s challenge and we get put into groups and are given a tub of supplies. Then we have a limited time (around 20 minutes) to complete the challenge. They challenge can be anything thing from building, writing or performing.

At first we were all hesitant about doing these challenges because we thought they would be boring but we gave it a chance and had a great time. Time flew by and we were surprised at how much we had accomplished. These challenges help us meet other people and learn how to work better in a group. They also allow us to show our creativity and find different ways to solve problems.

The most popular challenge was building a chair out of limited supplies. We received two stories about two different people and we had to design a chair that met both peoples needs. We were given a certain amount of “money” and we had to budget and plan our supplies. There was a “store” we could get the supplies from. These supplies included items like straws, clay, paper clips, buttons, wool, cotton and tacks. When our time was up we had to present our chairs to the entire class. We really like these challenges. They are a fun and creative way to spend a Friday afternoon. We look forward to every Friday and the new challenges that lie ahead. Written By: Rachel Church, Katie Feschuk and Katie Grymek Grade 9 Students



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